Flat Roof Maintenance

Care For Your Flat Roof!

Flat Roofs are expensive to replace, but last a long time with proper care.

A roof with a slight pitch is still considered flat, so it’s best to care for it as you would a flat roof. Flat roofs trap and hold any debris that falls on it from the sky or blowing in the wind, so you want to care for the roof properly to avoid damage.


A warranty means the company will stand behind the quality of their products. Manufacturer’s offer warranties to protect themselves from a law suit. A warranty contains two conditions for the warranty to be valid: proper installation and maintenance.

When you hire a roofer, make sure they are reputable and know how to install a flat roof. The second part of the warranty clause states that it must be maintained properly. Taking care of your flat room will not only protect the warranty, but it will also extend the life of the roof.

About Flat Roofs

Some flat roofs are, in fact, flat, but others have a pitch to let water drain into downspouts to run to the ground. The slope is determined by the insulation that lies below the outer layer of the roof and the building. This insulation is made of a congealed foam material. Shingles are attached to the insulation with metal fasteners or glue.

Flat roofs have four areas that are not sealed:

Air conditioning units, if present, Vents, Access Panels, Parapets

Common Problems for Flat Roofs:

  • It is often difficult to find the source of a leak.
  • The glue holding the top layer to the insulation can dry up and create a separation.
  • Leaves, sticks and trash can collect on the roof clogging drains and downspouts.
  • Caulking around flashing deteriorates and lets water leak through.
  • Small holes from sticks or other damage can create a leak.
  • Walking on the roof creates a hole in the insulation where water can sit.

Flat Roof Repair

If the flat roof is already leaking, cost of replacing a flat roof will be very high, but you can repair your flat roof, and extend its service life substantially, at a relatively low price tag. Some flat roofs can be repaired, and some cannot, due to various factors, and sometimes a full roof replacement may be necessary and preferable.

Most rubber roofs can be easily repaired, as with rubber roof, you don not have to work around gravel that embedded itself into the roof, such as the case with tar & gravel roofing. With relatively inexpensive flashing materials and accessories.

Caring For A Flat Roof

Your roofer should schedule inspections to make sure the roof is not leaking and fix potential problems. The length of time your roofer will inspect your roof varies between contractors. After it has expired, you will be responsible for these inspections.

If you purchased a building or home with a flat room, have it inspected as soon as you can. You should also have your roof inspected every five years to look for problems.

Some things you can inspect yourself are:

Make sure drains are not clogged with debris.
Remove any debris from the roof’s surface and look for seams where water may leak into the building.
Inspect flashing around any holes in the roof and make sure caulking is not dried.

Look for holes or indentations. Trim trees and limbs that are hanging over the roof to prevent damage. Plan to inspect your roof yourself or have a roofing contractor inspect it once a year. Doing these steps will protect your warranty and help your roof last longer.

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  1. I like that you suggest to get your flat roof inspected as soon as you buy something that has one. I can see why this would help you know if anything will need to be repaired or replaced. It could be helpful to get some background information on flat roofs before you have an expert come in. That way, when they are telling you things that could be wrong, you will understand everything being said.

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