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The roofing calculator below will help you calculate flat roof installation prices that commercial (flat) roofing contractors charge. This prices are estimated, and may/will differ depending on where you are located, local economic climate, and the roofing contractor that you choose to work with. Roofing prices are calculated for most popular types of flat roofing materials used in US - rubber roofing, PVC and TPO thermoplastic roofing membranes, Built-up roofs - modified bitumen & tar+gravel roof.
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The results of this calculator may be a little confusing, especially with the recent changes we've implemented. Read below about how to interpret and use this price calculator.

This free roofing price calculator is designed to help homeowners estimate roof replacement costs for Flat Roofing systems, and provides you with instant roofing cost estimate. Price calculations are base on your house dimensions, roof difficulty and number of roof penetrations.

About roofing calculator

This flat roofing calculator was courteously provided by CoolFlatRoof.com - a Massachusetts roofing company specializing in flat roof and metal roofing installation in MA, CT and RI. The prices were modified to better reflect US average flat roof installation prices, as compared to those in MA, where average cost of living is among the highest.

Using roofing calculator to accurately estimate roofing prices:

First of all we want you to understand that this roofing calculator is designed to calculate mostly residential roofing prices. While the algorithm of this calculator will decrease the per square foot price for larger, commercial roofing projects, the reality of commercial roofing does not allow for this tool to accurately price the total cost of the job, because of many factors such as union and prevailing wage pricing which often puts cost of commercial roofing way up and private sector commercial roofing which can be way down from the average pricing provided by this tool. As far as using this calculator, it is pretty straight forward - measure up the ground dimensions of your house / building, include any overhangs in the measurements and plug the numbers into the roof dimension fields. If your roof is not a square or rectangular shape, you can optionally calculate total roof square footage, plug it into the firs roof size field, and put one (1) into the second roof size field. This will calculate roofing cost based on your roof's total size. Once you plug in roof dimensions, select how many chimneys, skylights and other roof curb flashings there are, select the number of existing roof layers to tear off (not that most state building codes allow for up to two (2) total layers of roofing material, unless approved for more by a structural engineer), select relative roof difficulty, and total length of the parapet walls. It is important that you include the parapet walls. Although it may seem that parapets do not add too much square footage or installation labor, the reality is quiet the opposite. Parapets will take considerable amount of work to be properly flashed, and in most cases if the parapet wall is made of brick (most older brick buildings) it will also require a lot of masonry repair work (see video below for an example). Flat roof parapet wall masonry repair video:

Once you plug in all the information about your roof, click the "calculate" button and the results will appear right below, and will list most common types of flat roofing materials, as well as average installation price, which assumes that roof is installed by a reputable, licensed / insured roofing contractor.

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